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Before moving to some other topic, lets have a look how we started.

Founded in 2020, over a short time in existence, the company has emerged into a global tech Conglomerate driven by its team members transforming the landscape of the ecommerce industry with its innovations in India. Vardiano's Ecosystem comprises of an end to end products and solutions powered by the enabling platforms. We serve enterprises, startups, community, small manufacturers and traders who are looking at digital transformation & related offerings in this era of online shopping.

As an ecosystem, we are uniquely poised to deliver the best results for our customers through a blend of ‘Digital, People and Business’ transformation models. Our solutions focus on delivering value with a clear ‘ROI that is sustainable and scalable for our customers, while we help them achieve their most important goals of exponential profitability or high impact as may be the case. We’ve learned how to build lasting relationships by taking accountability for customers’ critical outcomes. We call this a ‘partnership mindset’.

Regards Team Vardiano


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